keskiviikkona, elokuuta 16, 2006

You have the right to join a union!

Changing an Industry
Bienestar International manufactures union-made footwear & casual clothing under the brand name No Sweat. Our gear is produced by independent trade union members in the US, Canada, and the developing world. We believe that the only viable response to globalization is a global labor movement.

No Sweat defines the market for goods that support independent trade unions - the only historically proven solution to sweatshops. We market direct to consumers, relying primarily on internet sales for distribution. We provide a competitive product to you and a living wage to our workers. How? By not advertising. We rely on you to help us spread the word! To see how, go to Globalize THIS. It’s our world. Let’s change it.

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Johanna kirjoitti...

Hieno kuva. Rosie the Riveter on kova nainen.

anusuora kirjoitti...

Yeah! Liiton tyttö!